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BOOK: Understanding your Dreams:

How to unlock the meaning of God's Messages

Dreams and visions can be revelations from God that connect straight to our hearts. Spoken in the language of heaven - the language of our spirits - you first need to learn the language before you can truly understand the power and purpose of these messages. With wisdom and insight, pastor and author Sandie Freed helps you do just that.

Laying out a biblical framework for interpreting dreams and visions, she shows how God uses these to reveal your future, heal your heart, draw you closer to him, impart direction and guidance, expose strongholds, and empower you to step into your true purpose and destiny.

In these pages you'll discover how to: prepare to hear from God, discern the source of your dreams, recognize the type, category, and context of dreams you've had, interpret symbols, numbers, colors, and objects, protect, battle, and bless your dreams, and more!

Here is everything you need to understand your dreams and unlock God's messages to you.


This workbook is designed to empower you on your journey as you learn how to understand heaven's dream language.  Each chapter  has individual or group discussions, spiritual engaging and opportunities to grow in your relationship with the Lord as well as understand the intentions of the Dream Giver Himself. Documenting dreams correctly is important-  this workbook helps teach you how!

(Workbook Only)



Faith After Failure

Failure. It knocks at the doors of our lives and hopes to find permanent residence. This book is all about the times we find ourselves in the pit of despair and are then equipped by God’s grace to move forward once again and experience complete fulfillment in Christ.

Letting go of your Limitations

Trying to access God’s power in order for change to happen? Instead of trying, let go. Let go of the limitations of “religion,” a place of trying harder, where you never measure up. Step into God’s grace. You’ll be empowered supernaturally beyond your experience.

Power in the Blood

We do not gain our royalty through works but through Jesus’ blood, the blood that bought them, that saved them. Through His blood there is inheritance: eternal life, authority, destiny, wisdom, and more! Dr. Sandie Freed offers life-transforming advice on how believers can rediscover their spiritual ancestry, awaken to their royal identities, and claim the inheritance God is holding for them.

Silencing the Acusser

Using the Old Testament story of Job, author Sandie Freed exposes our ancient enemy and the multiple ways he manipulates believers. She shows readers how to root out and overcome the negative thoughts the accuser plants, arming them with battle-tested prayer strategies to silence him and his deadly whisperings forever.

Conquering the Antichrist Spirit

In this thorough, in-depth study, Sandie Freed identifies the demonic system and structures of the dark power that has believers confused, anxious, and lacking in authority: the antichrist spirit. With piercing insight and practical application, Freed helps readers identify and overcome the stronghold that is even now infiltrating thoughts and belief systems.

Crushing the Spirits of Greed & Poverty

 “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” Dr. Sandie Freed reveals the real root of money problems: ancient demonic allies seducing believers away from a generous God. Freed exposes these evil spirits of Mammon and Babylon–spirits so subtle in their deception that many believers aren’t aware they are serving false gods.

Heaven's Voice touching Earth

Sandie Freed has learned how to hear from heaven and her heart is to empower you to do the same. In this book you will be trained to exercise your spirit to hear the sounds from heaven. You will study about the third day church which is arising today and position yourself at the Throne of God, hear from heaven, and demonstrate His power on earth.

The Jezebel Yoke

Spiritual Warfare Expert Exposes the Jezebel Spirit and Her Allies Since the Garden of Eden, God’s children have let the Deceiver seduce them away from their rightful blessings and, as a result, their true identities. Dr. Sandie Freed exposes spirits of deception–including Jezebel, Belial, Ahab, and more–and the tactics these demonic entities use to steal Christians’ spiritual birthright.

Breaking the Threefold demonic Cord

Dr. Sandie Freed’s number one seller “Breaking The Threefold Demonic Cord exposes the demonic spirits of Jezebel, Athaliah, and Delilah–strongholds that seek to destroy not only us but also generations to follow–to block us from victorious Christian living.  Sandie takes readers through a close study of each of these demonic forces in order to prepare them to break the threefold demonic cord. Conducting a biblical exploration of the everyday tactics of each spirit, she lays bare their strategies and helps readers defeat them through prayer.

Strategies from Heaven's Throne

Isaiah gained access to the throne room of God.  After reading heavenly strategies you will be given strategies that include: How to fight for your family, how to see whenever everything seems dark and blinded, how to experience a mind-shift in God and also how to come out of your own personal wilderness.

Destiny Thieves

Dr. Freed shares the story of her own struggle, as well as many biblical accounts of the struggles of God’s people, with the demonically inspired obstacles that stand in the way of breakthrough. This liberating book shows readers the tactics Satan uses against believers, identifies particular seducing spirits, and charges believers with a new level of faith to go forward and claim the victorious life God has planned for them.

Dream on: Unlocking your Dreams & Visions

Everyone has dreams. In this book you will discover different keys that will empower you to not only understand what God is saying to you through dreams and vision but also be able to establish you own dream vocabulary! Special attention is given to God’s divine ability to deliver you of different strongholds as you dream in the night season.


Regaining Vision

When vision is lost, we begin to perish. It’s true!  We withdraw ourselves from those that we love and isolate ourselves from communicating with anyone that can help. The loss of vision is the number one basis the enemy uses to separate and divide. The loss of vision is a devastating detour that the enemy uses to bring hopelessness and confusion to perhaps an already troubled situation. Without moving forward in God given vision, we all become stagnant in self-fulfillment.

Between Spiritual Seasons

Apostolic Pastor Mickey Freed explains the spiritual seasons that most everyone goes through.  Whether it is a season of loneliness; the dry season of depression, or a season of isolation, Pastor Freed shows us a way out.  Learn how your seasons of trial and tribulations can make you a stronger person.  This book really gives the reader strategic keys to be empowered to shift out of a season of turmoil into a season of peace and fulfillment.

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